Rachel – First day

It’s been a busy week of organizing spaces and constructing equipment. The rig is up on a new site, nearer to the cattle shed. Wish we’d moved it slightly to the right so that the legs were more level but I did manage to single-handedly put together the circle and the first sections of leg! I hope we can get the audience in the right place to watch without the sun in their eyes.

The preparation for projects is not glamorous… sheep poo needs clearing up from the rig site, this involves a bucket and pair of rubber gloves. Caravans and tent need to be scrubbed cleaned of green slime left after the winter, aired, cleaned inside, beds made, water filled, electricity cables sorted. The accommodation is an important part of the devising process along with good food, supporting the sense of community, belonging and general well being. It would be great to have 3 caravans and somewhere under cover to store them over the winter.


Floor down in the cattle shed helped by the care farm students. Unrolling the dance mat makes Lovely Bugs seem like only days ago, the remains of the overly sticky, sticky tape still as sticky as before!

Milton has arrived and we spent the day looking at the basics of aerial work as well as clambering all over the rig. Glad to notice that he is not afraid of heights! I’m reminded of how it takes time to get used to the equipment, opening the Karabiner, coiling up spare rope, manipulating the Rig etc.

After months of very rewarding teaching in schools it’s been very good to get back on the rig and to work at height again. Really looking forward to the Demoiselles joining us on Monday.


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