My first day at the job was defined by getting to know how things work. We did a conditioning routine so we could wake up the muscles that haven’t been active for a while and we climbed up the rig to scare the fear of heights away. Went to the top and soon realised that I have to be careful when experimenting standing up in the structure. One of my feet got caught up and the only way to remove it from the bars was to take of my shoe off. But I still think is possible to do a toe hang. If I manage it to do it, it will be the highest one I have ever made. 6 metres from the ground. Woop Woop! There was some climbing up the rope and some descending as well, some spins and circles and twists and twirling that made me a bit dizzy and made me laugh. But the exciting thing for this city boy is to work in a farm, where the sounds of cars and sirens are replaced by the singing of the birds. It’s good to work with no walls and be surrounded by green grass and trees instead of tarmac and buildings for a change.


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