Rachel – week one

Started the first full cast day with a walk through the woods in order to arrive and feel our feet firmly on the ground with the added spectacle of carpets of bluebells and translucent beech leaves. Next to the cattle shed for body conditioning and warm up to the accompaniment of much mooing as the cows were brought in for TB testing. Started with all four dancers on single ropes sharing the space – I think we might go full circle, loosing this and finding it again by the end of the project. Margaret visited to look at costumes, watched the dancers on the ropes  and understood the technical challenges of costuming with harnesses and rigging equipment. After an alfresco lunch we talked through the schedule and sorted the logistics of flights and ferries, cars and vans. Tried out standing on top of the rig, facing different directions and placing the safety line in different positions to allow security and movement. IMG_20150511_153605034 I’ve had a image in my head of the three demoiselles counter-weighting the kingfisher, it didn’t work as I’d imagined, three dancers, pulling, hauling, falling and balancing on the rope. More work needed….However the image of the three dancing above the one did work really well…

IMG_20150511_160346911 Dave cooked us all a lovely dinner to round of a fine day. I’m very happy to be working with a group of talented, generous and generally wonderful people.


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