Lisa Week 1

After warm-up and conditioning we did more work on the hoop, as it was raining outside.  I can’t believe how much the hoop hurts on my bones and I feel very clumsy just doing a few things.  But its just an intro for Eleni to do a longer hoop sequence. So I think it will be fine, and with just doing a few things they will definitly get better through the process.

We did some damselfly research – found out that they have been on the earth for 300 million years! There are 20 different varieties in the Uk and you can find them in every country apart from the Antartica.

We went to a school in Malvern to observe and assist with Rachel’s school workshops.  It was really nice to learn a few new ways of teaching aerial dance to beginners in a school setting.  I’d love to be able to do that in North Wales.

Thankfully the school let us stay on as it was still raining and we were able to continue rehearsing our damselfly section and sort out a circular pathway.

Long day and feeling tired and damp.  Look forward to better weather.


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