Jess – Week 2

Swinging in the rain

Milton our kingfisher is back to join us today, so we are a quartet again.

But it’s torrential rain this morning so, after another costume fitting (damselflies a little envious of kingfisher tail coat) we warm up in the cattle shed. Then we work on the hoop tableux, and co-choreograph a phrase that we will ultimately do standing on top of the rig, trying to remember as we make the material, that we’ll be a lot wobblier when we’re actually standing up there.

As soon as it clears up, we head straight outside and spend most of the day working out a swinging phrase on the ground. Learning how to ‘share airspace’ is harder than we think and as the patterns become more complex, we have some near-misses, tangles and collisions. Arnica to the rescue and then we’re back again rehearsing some material climbing up and lying on the legs.

Finally, as Rachel and Milton head off to teach an evening session, the damselflies rehearse what Lisa has christened the ‘killer twisty-sides’ trio. Mid-way through a heavy shower hits. We finish then hide in the trailer.

Now it feels like the piece – and right muscles to perform it with! – are developing… Excited to see what kind of beast will emerge from the chrysalis of this creative process…


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