Jess – Week 2 – Stormy Weather

Lots of laughter today, with wind jokes of all kinds in the temperamental weather. The company cameraderie is starting to establish itself.  Wobbling about as the gusts (sometimes rain) hit the top of the rig (on a couple of occasions clinging on a bit desperately), wearing many layers and our hoods up we are not looking particularly like elegant Demoiselle Damselflies at the moment.

While Kingfisher Milton finds ever more ingenious ways of abseiling down the leg (back to the leg looks cool, we think), we make more material as a trio of damselflies in the centre, playing with spinning and catching upside down.

Now we have a loose structure and lots of material in place, we are beginning to work out the minute technicalities of the kit to make the transitions as smooth as possible – which knot? which karabiner where? how many coils of rope? when do we lock off? when do we unclip our safety line? how many rungs from the centre do we clip our safety lines on to? is that too low or too high? to lie down or to stand? does the strop (sling) come all the way over the hip or just round the side? can we all crouch on the side of the rig? what if we put our heels on the inside lower circle? where should our hands be as we swing into the centre? etc. etc. etc. etc.

All this is worked out in painstaking detail to make it all as clear and precise as possible – it’s as much a choreography of rope and metal as it is of bodies moving in space.


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