Rachel week two

For the first time today I could see the structure of the piece coming together, not only the performance work but the project as a whole.

Ed Steelfox  came over to make a start on the sound track which is a mixture of music, natural sounds and narrative. With a large amount of the work happening in France we’re producing two versions, one mostly English, the other mainly French and it turns out the Eleni, Milton, Ed and Dave are all fluent in French so the job is done. Fantastique!!!

It was so windy here today that the dancers had to cling onto the rig (as well as having safety lines attached) Eleni would not let go to come down until the sun came out again and the wind dropped.


The trailer offers Jess shelter from the storm.

Lots of gaps to fill and sections to complete. One of the biggest challenges is the choreography of the transitions, getting dancers from one part of the rig to another to work on a different piece of kit, whilst maintaining the flow and narrative. A busy few days ahead and I’ve not even begun making the giant parachute skirt for the rig. Some ideas may not come to fruition, this time.


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