Rachel – week two

Ooops I missed yesterday’s blog as I was simply too busy!!! So to briefly catch up, Wednesday was a day of rigging starting with my extra-curricular Voices and Visions project at Worcester Cathedral where I climbed up above the ceilings and onto the triforium to rig the ropes ready for Regency and Northleigh School performance ‘Swing to the Fifth’


Then back to the farm to sort out rigging and timings and to spot the gaps that really need more time spent on them. Margaret called by to show the progress on the costumes – they are very shiny and very blue. I am very grateful for her generous work and skill.

On and off the phone to Ed about timings, shortening some sections lengthening others, deciding when the poems might fit and where to place the more factual information.

Popped back to the Cathedral for a dress rehearsal at lunch time and then returned for the evening performance. Hundreds of wonderful talented young people sharing a wide variety of work. All praise to Marie Oldaker and Worcester County Council for producing the whole event.

Today has been blissfully focused with all day to look at the work without distractions. Worked on lots of details so that each moment is clear. Laughed quite a lot and loved working in the sunshine.


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