Lisa Week 3

Half way through week.  On Monday we fine tuned some of the circle trio material and carried on running the piece getting familiar with the transitinos.

On Tuesday we prepared for the work in progress sharing.  First thing we actually went to help herd the sheep and lambs in through a gateway to have their injections. That was hard work as they would keep running off in the wrong direction.

After the mornings excitement and noise from teh sheep we got on with sorting out a few more details with timings etc.

The sharing went really well – we got really useful feedback from teh group who came.  After tea and biscuits we got started straight away with making changes in the time we have left.

Today we did a great warm up and then got into costumes for photographs with Dave.  I really like our new floor beginning and makes the floor phase later on less out of place.  We did a couple more runs – ending still needs work on with the timing with the music.


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