Jess – Week 4 – Damseflies (and Kingfisher) are go!

Our first show for a school audience – despite high winds and rain-wet grass it felt amazing to be performing to the sea of faces (though Rachel told us afterwards ours were overly serious and concentraty – we need to work more on our playful and mischievous characters).

Afterwards some nice exchanges with the children ‘I loved your play, it was awesome! How long have you been practising?’ and then a day of workshops on the farm – I’m so happy to get back to leading the bug hunts (Lisa and Milton leading dance games in the cattle shed; Rachel and Eleni doing aerial workshops on the rig). The children – and staff – were all so inquisitive and engaged, and enthusiastic about finding even the humblest fly. But we also found slugs, snails, solitary bees, many different beetles and spiders, grasshoppers, froghoppers and, to finish the day, three azure/demoiselle damselflies. ‘Now all we need is a kingfisher’ said one girl, hopefully…

They ask ‘are all damselflies blue?’ and I have to admit that, actually, it’s the males who are blue and the females often green or brown. When we catch the first damselfly I ask them if they can remember the word (used in the sound score for the performance) that describes the magical play of light and colour. ‘Irresistable?’ one boy suggests, before some others answer ‘iridescent’…


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