Rachel – School visit one

Great Witley School with 28 children, 2 teachers, 2 support staff and the coach driver were our first audience today. We ran the show before they arrived and it was a reassuring mess! All went well for the actual performance; the dancers need to settle into the choreography but I’m confident that it fits them and that there is room for the piece to grow.

Four workshop groups taking turns throughout the day: dance and games in the cattle shed, bug hunts in the field, farm tours in the buggy and aerial dance on the rig. Very blustery aerial workshops with all the children having a go on the ropes. Lots of surprises as usual with my expectations and assumptions being challenged and beaten constantly. Those who I though might be nervous were intrepid and those I thought to be robust, cautious and scared.

Amazed at the range of physicalities: some are totally active and present in their bodies, quickly picking up instructions and developing technique, whilst others are really passive and removed, unaware of what it is to straighten legs, press with feet, travel in a circle etc.

Great Witley School
Graffiti board feedback from the children.


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