Lisa Week 4

We arrived in France last night – it was a long journey but great company.

Le Fosso is so beautiful and this morning the sun is shining and we’ve had a meeting and we’re ready to go.  Rachel and Dave have gone to the Lake to set up the rig and we’re going to join them later.  Eleni is arriving later by train.  The festival tomorrow sounds really good – all about outdoor activities and its by a lake.  We also get to stay there too.  Then our week will be filled with various workshops with different groups and we’ll get the chance to work more on the show and do lots of training. Jess has brought her cord de lisse rope and I’m looking forward to learning some basic climbs as I’d really like to familirise myself more with climbing ropes.  Rachel said there may be possibility to make some seperate pre-show mini sections off the rig.  All in all I think we’re in for a really exciting visit full of sunshine and creative possibility with a wonderful team.


Lovely comments from the school on Wednesday.


Goodbye England!


Selfie’s on the ship!


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