Milton week 5

So we did our first two shows yesterday in France! at Bosmeleac! The place was really cool. A lake was near by and we were part of a water sports festival. Because the spot where we did the show, was in a corner, surrounded by trees,  protected by the wind,   we had to go and get the audience who were being entertained by other activities. It was great to chat with the audience and bring them to the site!

We had a lot of families to see the show.  After, we had a  session where people could come and relax in the cocoons that Rachel rigged when we were changing from our costumes into workshop leaders clothes.

We had a lot of children trying the cocoons with their parents before the second show.

At four o clock we did the show,  stretched,  and took the rig off with a group of very amused French man!

After we had eaten I took this photo! cool, isn’t it?11393007_10207518976271650_429829240209353899_n


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