Lisa Week 5

France – 2 performances at Bosmeleac – a lovely lakeside location.  Had a lovely jog around it in the morning.


Had a few technical difficulties in the first show which hadn’t happened before.  Its a reminder that the technical transitions really are choreographed.  I don’t think anyone noticed though (maybe I shouldn’t have wrote about it here!)  It’s lovely being in France trying to understand and learn new words.

The cocoon/hammock relaxation sessions were really nice to see and do when it was quiet.  I think they’re a really good idea as a way for people to just chill out and especially if you have a little child to encourage a little relaxation with.  I can see these being very popular.

Today we’ve started working on the rig again in its new beautiful location at Le Fosso (looks very at home).  We’ve explored the end section as a trio – some variations. And also walking along the top circular ring.

On the morning jog I was saw remnants of a ladybird and a bee!



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