Rachel – Friday

It’s only been a week since we left Longlands, but it feels like a lot has happened since and that we are well settled in at Le Fosso. Thanks to Mike and Hilary for making the transition so easy, for providing space and support just when it is needed.

Thunder and lightning yesterday required a quick rethink of the children’s workshops with games inside before the skies cleared and allowed us to work in a tree and on the rig (now named Derick as in ‘de rig’). It’s been a delight to work with these lovely local people, all ages, all abilities and very inclusive in attitude.

Is it the kudos of being visitors rather than local inhabitants that’s proved a selling point and has attracted the local community and new people to Le Fosso? This has never happened in the same way to us in the UK and disappointingly not in Whitbourne. Somehow we forget the value of what’s on our doorstep and are seduced by the exotic things from far afield.

A rainy Friday morning has left puddles and muddy sand under the rig but more significantly slippery surfaces on the rig. So we abandoned rehearsing until later this afternoon. A luxury of living on site is that we can be flexible with our working day. This evening we’re sharing the workshop material with friends and family, one for the children and one for the adults with a Kingfisher show between.

It’s taken us a while to rework the piece as a trio in preparation for Jess’ absence next week. There are only two big sections to change but in addition we’ve discovered that there are many small moments that need attention. There has not been time yet to develop the quartet, but I hope this will happen in our last week here.


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