Lisa Week 6

We had a busy weekend at the non-lake in Caurel.  We had to postpone the Friday night workshops and performance due to the bad weather.  But the weekend at the non-lake was lovely and hot.  It was all very surreal being in this landscape like a desert but dead trees in the background.  I felt a little like we’d landed our spaceship in the middle of the desert and were blue damselfly aliens!

It was good to be working on the piece as a quartet again, as we’d been a trio all week.  We added in a new section of walking across the circle ring – a little scary – but it has thrown off all the very worked out technical transitions.  It felt like I was back to the beginning at working out transitions with equipment again.  But after rehearsals between shows it was really good to have finally got it sorted by the end of the weekend.  I’m not even sure why it can be so challenging, as its actually very straight forward, but then an unexpected thing can happen during the performance, like the rope being on the wrong side and it throws off what the next bit of movement is.


This is how our wardrobe looks at the guest house.  (So tidy – Eleni is the costume organiser)

We had a fantastic walk with Mike and Hilary from Le Fosso too down into the drained lake.  It was so fasinating and made me really appreciate that we’d been here.  It was a like a secret world that we were privellaged to be part of. Some people said they wouldn’t be draining the lake again for another 100 years and others said 50 years – either way its a long time.

The day after we visited the local Abbey on our day off and was surprised to see a Kingfisher and Damselfy exhibition!



Do you think Milton might need a mate? Two does look cute!

So Jess has gone (boo hoo) But my family have arrived, so I will be having a couple of days off this week with them, before the weekend’s performances and workshops.  Am looking forward to seeing more of this lovely province.  Oh and I got to sing in the local community choir on Monday night – in French!


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