Rachel – a day in Gomené

The first task is to put the rig up, again! But it’s getting quicker with our team of local helpers who arrive at the allotted time (lunch time today) and set to work with animated chat. Such is their enthusiasm and speed that I need to ensure that all the pieces are in the right place so that the legs don’t end up the wrong way around which makes rigging the ropes a bit of a conundrum.

Rigging is followed by lunch together. Even though we’re in a public park, tables, chairs, plates, food and wine all appear and are consumed at a leisurely pace.  Ah, France.

An elders’ workshop involves a diverse group of people from the UK on holiday at Le Fosso, people with and without speech, in and out of wheelchairs, spouses, carers and the coach driver (a Jumbulance – coach size ambulance). We do seated exercises, creative tasks, watch Eleni and Milton dance their aerial duet, have a go in the cocoons and finish with hand dances and cool down tasks.

The afternoon contained magic moments of expected initiated and responsive movement.


The second workshop picked up on the children’s sessions we did at Le Fosso last week; it was great to see the children again and some new faces. With a public performance at the end of the session we quickly organised a structure to improvise within, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to show their skills and enjoyment on the ropes.

Last session of the day involved a new group of over 12s. Word is spreading about the work and attracting all sorts of people, younger and older women, mums with their teenage children etc. The beauty of the aerial work is that all abilities are catered for, each participant developing at their own pace. For me, I continue to love how it brings people together.


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