Had 2 days off to relax and go to the beach!!

Unfortunately the show and workshops we had planned for Wednesday were cancelled but we found time to watch and study the video Rob took from our previous shows at the lake. Really helpful to watch the choreography and understand what we are doing from an outside eye.

Tried some single rope movement on a tree.

The rig is up again in a beautiful calm, grassy spot in the village. We had 3 workshops. Participants of all ages.

Group 1: lovely and lively people. Played games with the ball, elastic and the parachute. Finished with an ensemble hand dance listening to French music.

Group 2: children’s workshop and sharing to parents. Hard to keep concentrated, especially if you are a 9-year-old boy!!!!!

Group 3: adults workshop. We experimented with more technical stuff. Islands, duets with balances, running in circles, walking on hands,…


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