Rachel – recovery and reflection

Fantastic weekend of sunshine-drenched community activity in Gomené. Several workshops with beginners and improvers, sharing snippets of their choreography and generally having fun. Over 100 children tried out the ropes yesterday: we’ve become a slick team, able to manage getting them into and out of the right harness, on and off the ropes with 5 minutes of creative freedom for each child with a few technical suggestions from us when needed.

I watched the audiences during the shows and saw open-mouthed amazement and delight from all ages. The people who have joined our workshops have been particularly appreciative of the work – they have an experienced understanding of the skills it involves. Some have been talking about getting their own aerial kit to rig in their barns! I feel a larger community project emerging!

We’re joined this week by Josh who will help with workshops and general holiday-making tasks. Looking forward to having Jess back this week after her epic walking project and installation.

A few bits of choreography to work on, refining what we have and adding some details now that the initial material has become embodied. Extra speed and movements on top of the circle for the ‘girls’ and new choreography for Milton on the single rope. Keeping them on their toes.

Pic – Rob Spaull



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