Milton Lopes – Jess is Back

11536059_10207650210872433_3157816743778467467_nAfter working a whole week as a Trio,  Jess joined us. She arrived yesterday and brought us a dead Damselfly that she found in one of her walks. look how thrilled she is:) Not sure if it is because she joined us or because she found a dead Damselfly ( Note: no Damselfly was killed during this photoshoot! … or before. He was really dead when he was found.)11012420_10207650358876133_7206291911715840935_nWe had a good day today. We rehearsed in the morning. We have new material that was developed when Jess as away and that she  had to learn. While they were rehearsing that I was rehearsing my swoops and new circles on the ground: two with my feet as a pivot another two with one hand as pivot and another sitting down in the air. (

(the circles I mean)

In the Afternoon, we had group with learning disabilities with which we did a workshop. At the end we did our show for them. They seemed to enjoy it 🙂


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