Lisa Week7

End to the France trip. On ferry travelling back to England.  Amazing thanks to Mike and Hilary and all those who welcomed us warmly in Gomene.  It was beautiful to be part of a lovely community for 3 weeks.

Here’s our last meal together in the local Pub which is the centre of village life in Gomene.


After Gomene we went back to the drained lake in Caurel.  It was really hot over the weekend which was lovely for me! The sand was again tricky to perform on, it gets everywhere – eyes, ears, mouth, equipment, shoes, hair etc. But we managed and felt like we did a good job.  It was lovely that the holiday residents that have been staying at Le Fosso with their carer’s came to see us on the saturday, which was nice for them to see the show after they’d had workshops. Also on the Sunday, Blondine and her family came to see the show, which was lovely to see her again.

Thank to all and to team EveryBody Dance!!

Next stop farm and Germany!


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