Rachel – last week in the UK

The last few days have disappeared in a haze of energy and colour. Saturday was spent with Malvern Special Families who have taken part in previous projects and came prepared for a day’s activities; they watched the performance and  everyone had a go on the ropes in harnesses or cocoons. Remembering our Lovely Bugs project last year they requested a repeat of the bug hunts, so nets and holding tubs were quickly found and some very lovely bugs caught.

Sunday welcomed a group of local people for workshops with ages 11 to 40-something taking to the air in the cattle shed (complete with bellowing steer) and out in the field on the rig. By lunch time, they had all created some choreography and so we shared it as a curtain raiser to our audience in the afternoon before our Kingfisher piece.  The weather teased us all day with deluges of rain followed by blazing sun, but as always we worked with the weather and were able to do all that we had planned at the right time.



“I loved the ability to be physically creative”

“I loved the variety that was on offer. All very friendly and talented”

“I loved being lifted on the pulley rope”

Today was our last workshop day and we were joined by students aged 11 to 19 years, with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour and staff from Rowden House near Bromyard. We had a very gentle day that began with showing a short extract from the performance and was followed by giving each student a go on the ropes, cocoons and/or hammocks. Each student had their favourite and grew in confidence as the day unfolded.

“What a wonderful way to spend the day! Thank you” –  staff feedback.


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