Lisa – Farm and Germany

The last 3 days at the farm were full of activity from the groups that came. Nice to see some familiar faces again.  We did the show, and workshops to follow on the ropes, cattle shed and bug hunts. IMG_3892

Rig down from the farm for this year.  Last bit of tidying to do before leaving.


Amazing hotel in Kaiserslautern – complete luxury – perfect breakfast that doubled up as lunch and sometimes tea.  Sauna and sun beds on the top floor – great to visit to ease out the muscles and stretch in.  Rig set up opposite hotel like last year in a nice enclosed garden area.  Lots of audiences at each show with great feedback and general positivity.  Bombarded for the have a go workshops – great to see people going for it on the ropes.

Lovely surprise was to see fellow Hijinx collegues and Academy students at the festival.  Really nice to see two of the North Walian students and to see how much they’ve progressed since I last saw them in February.

Really enjoyed watching the other shows – a really well organised and programmed festival.  In awe at the drummers and trapeze artist that went up in the air by crane.  Loved the fire juggling dance to Johny Cash’s burn burn burn song whilst standing in front of a fire engine in a fireman outfit. Loved that the silks were rigged off the ladder of the fire engine.  My favourite piece was the elderly group of performers from France – walking along the streets in time to music carrying food trays. The piece was so moving and perfectly paced, though we missed the end as we had to get back into costume. We did 3 shows each day with workshops in-between so we did well to catch a few of the other performances. Plus Hijinx group came into our area after the workshop doing their promenade Sleepwakers performance which was really funny.  Reminded me of how much fun promenade performances are.

Also the workshop days before turned into participating in a workshop with a dance group from Germany – they led a brilliant workshop enjoyed by all.  Rachel led a workshop for the Hijinx group and they had a go on the ropes.  Then the next day we participated in a workshop by Hijinx, before preparing for the shows.

All in all an amazing festival full of lots of interesting performances from across Europe, and the shows went really well and again as usual the rain stopped on the sunday just in time for a show.

Nearly at the end last trip to Germany next week to a smaller festival where Milton and Jess will be doing workshops with Rachel and Eleni and I will be arriving later just to do the shows on the saturday. I wonder whether the hotel will have a sauna…………………….


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