Rachel – day 1 of workshops in Kirchheimboladen

The day began with some rigging and sorting out of equipment, keeping it simple to start with and in fact trying to keep it ‘clever’ but simple all the time.

Our short presentation seemed to work with an eager group of participants ready to sign themselves in for the four-day workshop. Nice mix of ages and abilities although only one disabled participant, I’m not sure why, too energetic, scary, too much time commitment, over protective carers?


Wonderful to have three of us leading the session, it allows for 1:1 tutelage. We taught the basics and aimed to give people confidence in the equipment and each other. There was a general sense of fun, support and inclusivity throughout the day. People did get a bit tired towards the end and were happy to watch as we ran an hour-long ‘have a go’ session for anyone else at the festival who wanted a taste of aerial.

Tomorrow we are hoping that a couple more people might sign up so we have a full group but by Thursday it will be too late as we’ll have gone too far with our current group.

Slightly ashamed to say that everyone’s English is a good deal better than my German, what we can’t work out Jess is able to help with. Nice moment when Jess pointed out a red squirrel running down a nearby tree. I was surprised at how red it was!


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