Rachel – day two of workshops

We started the day with the usual warm-up of exercises and games to get our bodies and brains working but also to introduce some choreographic ideas and performance skills that will come in useful later, like listening to each other, stopping and starting in unison without verbal cues etc.

After reviewing yesterday’s work (a few sore legs today from yesterday’s harness work), we went on to learn some new techniques of circling over and at different distances away from the centre point. I love this mix of physics and physicality.

After lunch we dived into choreography and produced 4 sections of the piece, a trio and two duets on the ropes, a quartet traveling between the rig legs and a trio on the ground. very productive day.

Finished the day with an hour-long open workshop for anyone and included tiny tots to tall men. Some people were born to fly – like this little one…



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