Eleni final weeks

It’s nearly the end of our journey for this summer. 1st trip in Germany was really good. The rig was built in a quiet protected grassy area and was looked after by a guard in the night time.


I felt great performing the shows. Maybe it was because the space was so quiet and calm and the quality of the piece is delicate and calm. Maybe because we had a great number of audience who were engaged and clapping at every stillness or ‘pose’. Sharing the space with an amazing band was great too. The audience had the chance to drift from one experience to another.

By now we have performed  the piece quite a lot and I feel we are at a stage where we can play with each other in our characters, smile, relax and even give a wink! Workshops: we participated in 2 other companies workshops which was great as we had the chance to connect with other artists work. Aerial workshops were good. Very busy 2 people on harnesses 2 people on ropes.

Germany trip 2. Here we go!!!!


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